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Year 2013, Nr. 8


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.Franco FerrarottiItaly in the Balance. Electrons and Bourbons. Thinking of the recent past in order to understand the present and to plan the future
2.Korab R. SejdiuA Constitutional Coup! The Take-Down of the First President of the Republic of Kosovo
3.Teuta Llukani
Vjollca Karapici
Earnings Management: Obvious Phenomenon in Albanian Market
4.Luljeta IkonomiHuman Rights of Irregular Immigrants: A Challenge for the Universality of Human Rights
5.Michele MarsonetPragmatism and Science
6.Dorina RaptiSchool Climate as an Important Component in School Effectiveness
7.Lirime ÇukajA Comparative View of Terrorist Acts and Legislative Measures Countering this Phenomenon in Albania and the United States of America
8.Silvana PanzaImmigration and education in the US. A sociological glance - A path towards equal opportunites.
9.Dorjana Nano
Shkelqim Cani
The Differences in Students’ Financial Literacy based on Financial Education
10.Anjeza Liçenji
Kestrin Katro
Albanian legal framework on Factoring contract
11.Katia ScannaviniThe necessity of Intercultural Communication for a peaceful world
12.Vladimir MulajElectoral Offenses in The Common Law System
13.Agim LekaAlbanian migration during the post communist transition and the European integration in global era - An intercultural reflection
14.Aulona HaxhirajJudicial Enforcement of Economic, Social and Cultural Right
15.Lumnije ThaçiEconomic growth in Kosovo and in other countries in terms of globalization of world economy
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