Academicus International Scientific Journal
International Scientific Journal
pISSN 2079-3715
eISSN 2309-1088
Year 2012, Nr. 5


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.Arta MusarajHistory, sociology and politics: The strange triangles of Communication Day
2.Michele MarsonetScience and Religion as Conceptual Schemes
3.Arta Musaraj
Argita Malltezi
Communication Technologies and the public service: Is it the case of citizens inclusion in the public service standard in Albania?
4.Jola XhafoTheoretical and Practical Issues of Freedom Deprivation for Juveniles in Procedurial Albanian Legislation
5.Lumnije ThaçiThe role of small and medium enterprises in economic development - The case of Kosovo
6.Oriona MucollariThe Local Resources in Albania as Instruments to Increase the Autonomy of the Local Institutions
7.Amanda J. SucciEnergy, transport network and financial issues: PR perspectives for economic development in time of Euro-Med area change
8.Alma Vokopola
Julejda Gërxhi
The Process of Evidencing (Offer of Proof) at Administrative Procedure
9.Rahmije TopxhiuThe role of entrepreneurship and enterprises for local economic development
10.Lorenc Danaj
Aleks Prifti
Respect for privacy from the Strasbourg perspective
11.Florentina Krasniqi
Justina Pula
Contribution of Nobel laureates in development of economic thought
12.Ilir RusiThe Albanian legal framework on non-discrimination and gender equality in employment relationships
13.Rudina AlimerkoNaim Frashëri - Founder and professor of Albanian literature for children
14.Eneida Sema
Ilda Melo
Health and safety at work
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