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eISSN 2309-1088
Year 2011, Nr. 4


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.F. FerrarottiBismarck’s Orphan: The Modern World and Its Destiny, from “Disenchantment” to the “Steel Cage”
2.A. MusarajAlbania, the human factor and sustainable development: a lesson from the present
3.A. Abazi
I. Iljazi
D. Spirovski
From A Climate Action Plan (CAP) to a Microgrid: The SEEU Sustainability Concept Including Social Aspects
4.E. Bushati“Product Placement”: The harmonization of the new Albanian media law with the European Audio-Visual Media Services Directive
5.R. AlimerkoA general overview of the literature for children in the first part of the 20th century
6.E. ÇaniThe status of the Civil Servant and Rules of Ethics in Public Administration efficacy in preserving the integrity of civil servants and preventing corruption: the case of Albania
7.N. BaysalDevelopment: What’s in a name?
8.S. OmariLoss of parental responsibility – a new legal instrument between need of protection of the best interest of the child and respect of parent fundamental rights
9.F. ShkurtiThe Spiritual Connection of the Shushica Valley Locals to their Living Place
10.Y. SelaVisa liberalisation and economic implication for the Western Balkans
11.V. Durmishi
V. Gjini
The Greek crisis effects on the Albanian economy
12.A. GaxhiDNA Development and its Importance
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