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International Scientific Journal
pISSN 2079-3715
eISSN 2309-1088
Year 2011, Nr. 3


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.E. Invernizzi
S. Romenti
Strategic Communication and Decision-Making Processes Toward the Communication Oriented Organisation
2.A. MusarajCommunication processes, public administration and performance evaluation
An Albanian inside
3.M. I. MaciotiArmenians and 20th century genocide
4.Zh. Peto
G. Bungo
A. Xhoxhaj
Basic Principles of the System of Social Services and Assistance
5.A. LekaThe reflective philosophy of European integration European identity and the transition of post-communist societies. The case of Albania. Aspects of Political Behavior.
6.E. PuglieseThe Mediterranean model of immigration
7.I. TafaA Survey of QoS Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks
8.N. Ballhysa
M. Flagler
A Teachers’ Perspective of Inclusive Education for Students With Special Needs in a Model Demonstration Project
9.J. Gërxhi
A. Mamuti
The policies of identifying and managing conflicts of interest of civil servants in the civil service
10.H. Paci
A. Xhuvani
Oracle Multimaster Replication Maintance Optimization
11.A. ShehuEurope and the integration process
12.E. AlimehmetiThe Evolution of the Constitutional System in Albania
13.I. MustafajInsurance Contract, Just Compensation as Result of Insurance
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