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Year 2010, Nr. 2


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.F. FerrarottiOn the way to «Creative Empathy»:
the concept of truth as a social community enterprise in G. B. Vico’s «New Science».
2.A. MusarajLocal development and Local Partnerships:
Universities applying pro-active PR in a local systems network logics
3.T. M. FalconiA global and cooperative professional/academic effort to advocate the value of public relations to organizations and society
How the global alliance is changing the future of the public relations profession
4.Zh. Peto
K. Katro
Schemes of social insurance system
5.M. I. MaciotiSan Francisco, California
August 3-31, 2010
6.T. OelfkeAlbania’s Visa Liberalization
An Outsiders Perspective
7.A. J. SucciEuro-Mediterranean Public Relations and local systems of the area.
Developing a new public relations approach for cooperation among local systems in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
8.B. C. Drenofci
M. Flagler
Pattern of Engagement of People with Disabilities and Their Family Members in the Policy Making Process in Albania
9.F. AlushiThe prevention of chronic diseases and its social outcomes
Mission of Medicine
10.A. ShehuOrganized Crime and Legislation against crime
11.J. DaciLegal Principles, Legal Values and Legal Norms: are they the same or different?
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