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Year 2018, Nr. 17


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.Franco FerrarottiSacred and Profane. Essential ambiguity and vital necessity of the Sacred.
2.Enkeleda OlldashiCodification and Legal Sources in the Albanian Legal System: Comparative Approach to Legal Systems
3.Michele MarsonetLogic and its Pragmatic Aspects
4.Marigonë VrajolliRole and participation of women in the establishment and implementation of international security policies
5.Enrico GandolfiTaking a Stand through Digital Games - An empirical procedure among consciousness, learning and participation
6.Doris Koliqi MalajCivil rights between legal provisions and political reality in Albania
7.Arlinda MemetajThe Role of National Ombudsman’s Offices in Promoting the Concept of good Administration in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. The way ahead
8.Urjana CuriLegal Provisions, Discrimination and Uncertainty on LGBT community in Albania. Laws on human rights vs exerted rights of LGBT persons
9.Wei-Bin ZhangDynamic Interactions Between Health, Human Capital and Wealth
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