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International Scientific Journal
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Year 2017, Nr. 15


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.Maria Immacolata Macioti
Arta Musaraj
Albania and the teaching of religion in schools
2.Alexandre Pedro Moura D’AlmeidaConfrontation Between Judicial Activism and State of Exception
3.Michele MarsonetNational Sovereignty Vs. Globalization
4.Wei-Bin ZhangHow Do the Richest 1% Owns 50% of Wealth in a Small-Open Growth Model with Endogenous Wealth and Human Capital
5.Sali ShehuPolitical Consensus: A crucial and key element of political organization
6.Maria Antonietta SelvaggioOrnella Labriola: the loneliness of an irreducible memory
7.Albana GërxhiPost Conflict Peacebuilding in Kosovo. Milestones, Actors and People.
8.Mara ClementeOutside home. Notes on reflexivity
9.Kaltrina ZekolliOpen Assessment of Proofs in Litigation
10.Dorina GjipaliThe External Dimension of EU Migration Policy
11.Terfa T. Alakali
Hemen Philip Faga
Jinatu Mbursa
Audience Perception of Hate Speech and Foul Language in the Social Media in Nigeria: Implications for Morality and Law
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