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Year 2016, Nr. 14


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.Michele MarsonetScience and Different Images of the World
2.Shkëlzen Selimi
Xhezair Zaganjori
Environment protection in the legal system of Albania: The current situation in Albania on combating environmental crimes and the new reform directions
3.Bejtush GashiGlobal security challenges and their impact on the Security Strategy of Kosova
4.Nora OsmaniPrivacy and data protection: Legal aspects in the Republic of Macedonia
5.Marţian Iovan
Maria Oprea
Social Aspects Regarding the Single-Parent Families Vulnerability - The Case Of Arad County
6.Entela PriftiBOT Contract through the optics of Albanian legal provisions - Issues of the implementation and transfer framework
7.Murat Jashari
Behar Selimi
Kosovo - An Atypical Parliamentary Republic
8.Ignazia Bartholini“Sick woman” or “half woman”? Breast and cervical cancer, emotional script and representations of female body in a mediterranean area of Italy
9.Vladimir SkënderiThe status of judges and the justice reform - An Albanian inside
10.Doriana BalliRole and challenges of school social workers in facilitating and supporting the inclusiveness of children with special needs in regular schools
11.Muhamet RacajMigrant Crisis, a Security Challenge for the Republic of Macedonia
12.Florent Muçaj
Luz Balaj
Report between the President and Constitutional Court and its influence on the functioning of the Constitutional System in Kosovo
13.Camelia GrădinaruThe Technological Expansion of Sociability: Virtual Communities as Imagined Communities
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