Academicus International Scientific Journal
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pISSN 2079-3715
eISSN 2309-1088
Year 2016, Nr. 13


 Author(s)TitleAbstractFull text
1.Maria Immacolata MaciotiArmenia, the Armenians: between memory and future
2.Shkёlzen SelimiThe Specialist Court for Kosovo: continuity or departure from the hybrid courts model?
3.BigBen Chukwuma OgbonnaInflation, exchange rate and efficacy of monetary policy in Nigeria: The empirical evidence
4.Agim LekaTransitology - A philosophical reflection on the post-communist society
5.Florent Muçaj
Përparim Gruda
Judicial control of administrative activity and advantages of reorganization of the juridical system in the Republic of Kosovo
6.Igor Gelev
Muhamet Racaj
Energetic diplomacy and its role on creation of a new multipolar world
7.Alkelina GazidedeEuropean Council’s member states’ jurisdiction regarding the execution of court decisions and it’s issues
8.Maria Antonietta SelvaggioFrom Welfare to Well-being: new approaches for a good life
9.Eriona Katro
Vaeld Zhezha
An analysis of the sources of competition disipline in the European Union and in Albania
10.Fjona ZeneliAnalysis of risks and investments’ opportunities in water sector
11.Diana BibaThe council of the employees in the Albanian Commercial Law
12.Laureta ManoTheoretical and practical implementation of the right for an equal enjoyment of health care service
13.Elsa Toska DobjaniLength of proceedings as standard of due process of law in the practise of the Constitutional Court of Albania
14.Elizabeta ToshevaThe effects of the global economic crisis on Macedonian economy: Some macroeconomic indicators and future policy recommendations
15.Spiro PaçoSovereignity, statehood and self-determination in international law - The Kosovo case
16.Laura FerrarottiReview of “Marked Identities. Narrating lives between social labels and individual biographies”
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