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Prof. Arta Musaraj
Editor in Chief

Prof. Arta Musaraj has received a number of graduate degrees and conducted advanced academic research in many prominent universities around the world.
Master of Science in Management (1996), Master of Science in Economy, Business Administration (2001), Doctor of Sciences (PhD) in Economics and Communication Studies (2004) and Professor Doctor (Prof.Dr) of Scientific Research in the fields of Business Communication and Entrepreneurial Administration (2012).
Since 1996, Musaraj has been a university lecturer and taught many areas of study in the fields of Economics and Communications.
She has authored many educational texts at the university level, dozens of articles and scientific analysis, continues to be a consultant and a certified trainer for IFC and World Bank.
Prof. Musaraj has regularly participated and lectured at the Certified Master Class in Business Communication and Administration; is a long time representative of prestigious international organizations.
Musaraj is an established authority in serving as a consultant and expert to various South East European organizations and governments, providing advice in the areas of business communication and administration.
She has a considerable administrative experience in universities management, as Rector and Dean.
She is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the first scientific journal published in Albania in English Language, Academicus International Scientific Journal, and a member of the editorial and scientific boards of many international scientific journals in Europe, Asia and United States.
Prof. Arta Musaraj is a Senior Lecturer and a co-partner of Scientific Research in renowned private and public European Universities.


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